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Aquaclear is an environmental firm focused on lake, pond and watershed management, committed to providing Sound Water Resource Management, Quality Service with Integrity and Client Satisfaction. Our goal is to allow lake and pond owners to optimize the value of their lake management investment by utilizing the latest advanced techniques to achieve lake and watershed management programs that are customized for each individual client. Aquaclear, LLC will provide you with a professional scientific quality service.


All members of management possess a Certificate of Completion for the NJDEP Pesticide Training Course.


Aquaclear is licensed and registered with the State of New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania as a commercial aquatic herbicide applicator business. Aquaclear is a fully registered, insured and bonded corporation.




About Robert Ottmann


Robert founded AquaClear to offer integrated Lake, Pond, and Watershed management solutions throughout NY, NJ and PA. With the expertise of over 30 years in Lake, Pond, and Watershed management, Robert and his team have a vast knowledge of science and the newest technologies, which are available in enhancing and developing a proper Lake Management Program.

"My team and I are passionate about providing solutions to optimize lake and watershed quality. It's rewarding to see our clients spending more time outdoors because of our work. To me, that means I'm doing my job right."

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