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Aquatic Vegetation Control

Unmanaged invasive and nuisance aquatic vegetation can interfere with water quality, fisheries, recreational access, and loss of native plant habitat. 

Nuisance aquatic vegetation negatively impacts property, recreational and aesthetic values.

Aquaclear specializes in maintaining a healthy and balanced ecosystem for your lake, pond or waterway. This is achieved by implementing sound management programs, which include nuisance vegetation control and improving water quality.

By using the highest quality materials, specialized equipment and innovative scientific techniques, we provide effective treatments to improve your waterbody. 

Our specially trained and licensed aquatic biologists perform frequent inspections and management techniques which improve the aesthetics, natural resource, water quality and ecological balance of the lake, pond or waterway. 

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Hydro-Raking is a very effective technique for selective removal of nuisance aquatic vegetation and bottom organic debris. Our Hydro-Rake contains a articulating backhoe arm and is powered by diesel engines. The Hydro-Rake can operate in water as shallow as 2.5 feet and removes nuisance vegetation and debris from water depths as shallow as a few inches to a maximum depth of 12 feet. 

Hydro-Raking Improves and Enhances:

Access for swimming, boating, fishing and other aquatic activities

Removes aquatic plant biomass

Removes large quantities of organic material

Controls nuisance aquatic plants in selected target area

Non-herbicidal approach to vegetation control

Very effective when used in conjunction with other lake management tools


Aeration Systems

Aquaclear is a leading aeration and fountain installation company in the tri-state area. A wide variety of systems are available for your specific needs. The selection of fountains and aerators are based on the volume of water and the geographical characteristics of the installation site. Based on the features of your lake or pond, Aquaclear will recommend installing a system, which will allow for optimal results.


Fisheries Management

Electroshocking or electrofishing (a scientific survey method used to sample fish populations to determine abundance, density, health and diversity of fish populations in a waterbody)

Fish relocation and removal

Fish stocking


Aquaclear provides our clients with the knowledge and facts about their lake or pond with extremely accurate lake mapping. Using efficient ESRI ArcGIS and GPS referenced data collection technologies and advanced mapping software, we can provide acreage, shoreline analysis, lake bathometry, volumes, plant densities, water depths, water chemistry and more. Our accurate lake mapping provides the significant information needed to make the most of your lake and aquatic environment. Equipped with this knowledge, Aquaclear and/or the client will be able to better understand aquatic plant dynamics, plant population trends, organic/sediment deposition monitoring, Hydro-Raking results and fisheries management. 

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